Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA

Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA

Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA

We can effectively remove scratches from glass. Our glass scratch removal services effectively remove light scratches and deep scratches that can be felt with your fingernail. We often provide glass scratch removal services that are declined by a competitive glass scratch removal company because they are very deep scratches. Our glass scratch removal services can be performed on the interior surfaces of the glass or the exterior glass on a high-rise building. Our versatility in providing glass scratch removal services has earned us a solid reputation with our clients as glass scratch removal experts.

Everyone knows that scratched glass is an eyesore. We have experience repairing many types of glass scratches, and different types of glass. Our glass scratch repair services in Philadelphia, PA make us the number one glass scratch removal company in our area. We only use the most effective, cutting-edge glass scratch removal techniques and glass restoration techniques to keep our glass scratch removal prices low.

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We perform glass scratch removal services for commercial and residential properties. Scratches on architectural glass can be caused by a number of ways: 1) during property construction, 2) through years of maintenance, or 3) restoration services. We can repair and remove deep scratches caused by abrasive materials that make contact with glass as well as small hairline scratches that can only be seen in direct sunlight. These scratches are commonly caused by highly abrasive glass stain removal products. Our process sands down glass surfaces by actually scratching the surface but only to a degree that is undetectable by the naked eye. This process leaves a distortion-free finish on the surface.

We have the ability to perform glass scratch repairs on exteriors of high-rise buildings where many scratches are found on new construction projects and usually created during the construction clean-up process. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by removing scratches versus glass replacement. Typically, we can restore glass for 25% to 50% of the cost to replace a window. This is also an environmentally friendly process as it keeps glass out of our landfills and eliminates the use of energy and materials required to create new glass.

To the right is a picture that demonstrates the effectiveness of our process.

Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA
Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA

Glass scratches and damage and in a new construction's process can be caused by the following:

  • Abrasive products used to remove stains from glass

  • Scrapers used in the construction clean up window cleaning process

  • Exposure to harsh chemicals such as Hydrofluoric and Hydrochloric acids

  • Manufacture defects

  • Glazing installation and or transport

  • Improper glass storage

  • Excessive exposure to water and Water erosion

  • Exposure to tap water

  • Exposure to concrete and or slurry

  • Concrete removal process

  • Welding overburn

  • Sanding or sandblasting

  • Abrasives on the bumpers of swing stages

We can easily remove window glass scratches, stains, acid burns, corrosion and oxidation. After the restoration process, we apply high-performance glass protection treatments that prevent redevelopment of surface damage and help prevent further stain scratching.

Our technicians use Presto Restoration Products and are equipped with the proper tools, knowledge and experience of “how-to” remove scratches, stains and all other types of surface damage to architectural glass surfaces. These products, tools and expertise are available online at or by calling us directly.

When concrete makes contact with glass, it is difficult to remove. The common industry standard for the removal of concrete residue is to use a stainless steel scraper blade lubricated with a window cleaning detergent mixture. Presto developed new techniques that effectively remove concrete residue without scratching the glass surface. Presto Restoration Products developed a product called Glass-Crete that is a proprietary formulation containing phosphoric acid and acid-compatible polymers. The phosphoric acid will break down calcium in the concrete without affecting the glass surface in any way. These specialized polymers help lubricate the surface, help prevent scratching when removing concrete. These polymers remain on the glass surface and help prevent the adhesion of concrete that makes contact with glass in the future.

Scrapers should never be used to remove concrete from glass, as they will certainly scratch the surface by trapping abrasive concrete particles under its metal blade and dragging them along the surface.

Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA
Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA

Once concrete or its slurry coat is removed from glass surfaces, most times there will be mineral stains present. These mineral stains will need to be removed by a method of wet sanding the glass surface to remove the top layer. This is due to the minerals found in concrete, mainly silica, fusing to minerals in the glass and creates a tenacious bond. This can easily be performed using the Glass ReSurfacer System. This system will remove light scratches that may have been caused by concrete removal. Once the glass is completely restored, we apply a protective treatment that will help prevent the adhesion of mineral-based stains such as concrete. As well, protect against other types of stains and scratches due to the high-performance polymeric barrier in-between the glass surface itself and damaging elements.

Architectural glass was designed to have a highly polished and 100% optical distortion-free view for the eye to focus on the other side of the window, without any obstructions or distractions in view. While glass is an extremely durable surface, it is susceptible to environmental issues, changes in appearance by a number of processes such as acid burns, oxidation, water erosion, ion exchange and abrasion. Additionally, glass surfaces can become contaminated with stains caused by caulk residue, oily window cleaning detergents, minerals from tap water, soap scum and paint, just to name a few. Each type of damage or stain listed above can be removed by using the Glass ReSurfacer System, which utilized the Glass ReSurfacer Final PolishThe Glass ReSurfacer System will completely remove these types of damage on any glass surface by revealing a new glass surface.

We remove a few top layers of glass and apply a new glass surface free from defects that produces its original appearance. Other glass restoration or renewal products utilize acids or harsh abrasives and when used incorrectly, which is extremely easy to do, will damage glass by either acid burning the surface or installing hairline scratches that are most visible in direct sunlight.

To the left is a picture that shows the Glass ReSurfacer System's effective results even when glass is viewed in direct sunlight.

Once a virgin glass surface has been applied to glass, it is important to seal it with a high-performance protective treatment that will fill in the minuscule cracks and valleys of glass and create a polymeric barrier to protect it. One such product is The Glass Defender Series consisting of an MD, HD and a Primer depending on the level of protection desired. In most cases, Glass Defender MD is used standalone by simply applying it to glass, and polishing with a microfiber towel. Presto’s protective treatments utilize high-performance silicone materials that cure to a strong polymeric film invisible to the naked eye. As well, these materials are partially inorganic similar to glass itself and will be as permanent as the glass surface.

The process for removing architectural glass scratches is based on the types of scratching present. Call us to discuss your glass scratch removal project, to discuss the scope of work, a cost analysis, or should we say how much you would save vs. glass replacement.

Presto Restoration Products also has a product that can be easily applied on exterior glass that will prevent adhesion from abrasive materials such as concrete and will lubricate glass surfaces to help prevent scratching during the construction clean-up process. This product is invisible and does not need to be removed like other glass protection products. Call us to find out more about these revolutionizing products.

Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA

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Glass Scratch Removal Services Philadelphia, PA